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2016 When Opportunity Knocks: Understand Teaming, Subcontracting and Joint Ventures

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Webinar Details

Subject: Federal Contracting

Prerequisites: None

Duration: 90 minutes

Location: Your office or conference room, per telephone connection

Course Description:

Teaming arrangements, subcontracting and joint venture opportunities can turbo charge your growth and profitability in the federal marketplace. But if you don’t recognize red flags, they also can expose you to devastating criminal and monetary penalties.

For example, a common mistake can expose subcontractors to charges of violating the Truth in Negotiations Act. Even without officially being a subcontractor, affiliating with another company could disqualify you as a small business. Plus, poorly written subcontracting and mentor-protégé agreements can also turn growth potential into potential liability.

Here’s how to recognize red-flag dangers so you can reap the rewards of teaming arrangements without so many risks.

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In this 90-minute webinar, contracting expert Jeffrey Weinstein shows you how to take red-flag risks out of teaming and subcontracting opportunities. You’ll learn how to avoid those “affiliation problems” that can ruin small business status and why the kitchen-sink approach is the wrong way to go in deciding which FAR clauses to include in a subcontract.

Strategies for more growth with less risk. You’ll discover today’s best practices for taking advantage of chances to grow plus the best strategies for avoiding mistakes that can put you in violation of requirements—and on the line for major penalties. It’s real-world guidance that you apply to your own teaming opportunities now and down the road. In addition, you’ll have the chance to ask your own questions during the Q&A portion of the webinar.

Reserve your space now to enjoy more teaming rewards with fewer risks, including how to:

  • Understand the differences between teaming arrangements and joint ventures
  • Steer clear of affiliation problems that qualify you as an “ostensible” subcontractor—and disqualify you as a small business
  • Know when it’s appropriate to enter into a subcontract as a large or small business
  • Navigate the advantages and disadvantages of a mentor-protégé arrangement
  • Avoid common—but costly—problems in subcontracting
  • Troubleshoot teaming and joint-venture opportunities

Remember, teaming up doesn’t have to mean risking your status or facing huge fines, penalties and even criminal charges. Take this opportunity to learn where the red flags are and how to avoid them so you can reap the rewards.

Register now for When Opportunity Knocks: Understand Teaming, Subcontracting and Joint Ventures.

Who Will Benefit

This webinar is of special interest to small business contractors, and contractors in women- or minority-owned businesses. Attendees who will benefit most include:

  • Contract administrators
  • Program managers
  • Buyers and similar contract personnel
  • Human resources, payroll and/or benefits administrators
  • Attorneys
  • Consulting firms
  • Brokers

Jeffrey Weinstein
Jeffrey Weinstein is Managing Partner of The Weinstein Law Group, PLLC. Mr. Weinstein has provided legal and strategic advice to a wide variety of companies throughout the world for over 25 years in all areas of federal and state procurement contract formation, administration, audit, and litigation. He has filed and defended bid protests before the U.S. Government Accountability Office and state contract appeal boards. In addition, he represents clients in federal and state courts and in administrative negotiations, and has lobbied elected officials and staff in the U.S. Congress. Mr. Weinstein has lectured on federal procurement issues before the National Contract Management Association, the American Bar Association, state bar associations, and other organizations. Before starting his own firm in 2001, he headed the Government Contracts practice group at Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellot.

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