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Attributes of an Adequate Accounting System:
A Practical Webinar on How to Create and Use a Compliant System

Thursday, January 26, 2017 • 1:00 pm ET/12:00 pm CT/11:00 am MT/10:00 am PT

Webinar Details

Subject: Federal Contracting

Prerequisites: None

Recommended Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge and Applications

Program Knowledge Level: Basic

Advanced Preparation: None

Duration: 90 minutes

Will a DCAA audit find your accounting system “adequate?”

The government requires accounting systems to meet 18 compliance criteria — and even well-prepared contractors can be surprised when their system comes up short. Just one mistake with internal controls, segregation of direct and indirect costs, timekeeping, labor distribution or other requirements can constitute a “significant deficiency” or “material weakness” that can cost you 5% of your payment until problems are corrected.

Don’t risk noncompliance with the FAR: here’s how to spot and fix accounting system issues before auditors arrive.

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In this 90-minute webinar, Nicole Mitchell of Aronson LLC breaks down the guidelines for complying with the FAR’s accounting requirements. Drawing on her expertise with federal contractors’ business systems and compliance risk, she also shows you today’s most practical tips for maintaining “adequate” accounting.

Protecting against a 5% withdrawal of payments. Noncompliance with even one of the FAR’s 18 accounting system criteria could lead to major trouble — including payment penalties until deficiencies are fixed. This webinar helps you know exactly what it takes to comply.  Plus, you can ask your own specific questions during the Q&A portion of the presentation.

Reserve your space now to get your accounting system up to standard, including how to:

  • Comply with the different laws and regulations affecting your accounting system
  • Determine the reliability of your accounting system and cost data
  • Minimize misallocations and mischarges
  • Anticipate what DCAA auditors will question
  • Avoid problems that could lead to potential withdrawals and corrective action plans
  • …And more

Remember, once the DCAA identifies a problem, your payments can be at stake. Now is the time to make sure your own accounting procedures have all the attributes of an “adequate” system.

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Who Will Benefit
This webinar is of value to all federal contractors and subcontractors. Finance and contract professionals who will benefit the most include:

  • Information security officers
  • Accountants
  • Counsel
  • Compliance officers

With DCAA audits at both pre- and post-award stages, you must make sure your accounting system can meet all 18 criteria.  This webinar provides the practical, real-world guidance it takes to succeed.

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FAR Benefit: Augment your compliance training and internal controls programs!

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR 52.203-13), entitled Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, requires contractors not represented as small businesses to establish an ongoing business ethics awareness and compliance program, as well as effective internal controls. Participating in this webinar course can augment your company’s code of ethics and training programs by providing specific guidance on contractual obligations. Training can also be a significant part of an internal control system. Sign up today!

Nicole M. Mitchell
Nicole M. Mitchell, CPA joined Aronson LLC in 1998 and serves as partner in Aronson’s Government Contract Services Group. Nicole specializes in accounting and financial issues impacting government contractors. She has a broad-based background in generally accepted accounting principles and cost principles related to government contractors including the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS). Nicole provides consulting accounting services to government contractors in the areas of financial regulatory compliance, contract pricing and complex cost accounting structures. She has in-depth knowledge of the key financial business systems and compliance risk unique to government contractors.

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