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Updating Your Pay-to-Play and Gift Rules Compliance

Thursday, July 14, 2016

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Subject: Federal Contracting

Prerequisites: None

Recommended Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge and Applications

Program Knowledge Level: Basic

Advanced Preparation: None

Duration: 90 minutes

Location: Your office or conference room, per telephone connection

Course Description:

Pay-to-play laws and gift rules change constantly. Have your compliance procedures kept pace?

The fact is that many government relations professionals and contractors are operating with outdated information. At any moment, violations could trigger contract losses, bid disqualifications and damaging headlines.

This is no time for guesswork! Instead, take 90 minutes and make certain your policies and procedures are up to date. Here’s how:

Register now for Updating Your Pay-to-Play and Gift Rule Compliance.

Led by Lawrence Norton and Ronald Jacobs, leading authorities on lobbying and gift laws and their impact on government contracting, this 90-minute program provides current and practical guidance for implementing sound compliance procedures that help you work with government entities—without violating constantly changing pay-to-play laws and gift rules.

Avoid the biggest risks. The webinar will clear the confusion over what constitutes a gift and which officers and employees are prohibited from making political contributions. You’ll also learn which states and localities have enacted pay-to-play laws—and how they work – as well as about new laws on the horizon. Plus, you’ll have the chance to ask your own questions during the Q&A portion of the webinar.

Reserve your space now for up-to-date guidance on what you can and cannot do under today’s pay-to-play and gift rules, including:

  • Which states and localities have, or are considering, pay-to-play laws;
  • Who is prohibited from making political contributions if your company contracts with a government entity;
  • What counts as a gift under federal and state laws, and the most important exemptions; and
  • How to build sound compliance policies and procedures that help you avoid the biggest risks.

Remember, working with outdated procedures for complying with pay-to-play and gift laws can trigger fines, bar you from doing business, and severely damage your company’s reputation. Don’t miss this opportunity to make sure your own practices are up to date and in compliance.

Register now for Updating Your Pay-to-Play and Gift Rule Compliance.

Who Will Benefit

This webinar is of value to any company doing business with state or local government agencies, including government relations, advocacy and PR firms; law firms; associations; government contractors; and organizations with their own PAC, thinking of creating a PAC, or making contributions to a PAC. Attendees who will benefit most include:

  • Lobbyists
  • Federal contractors
  • VPs of external relations
  • VPs of government relations
  • Compliance directors
  • Legislative directors

Lawrence H. Norton
Larry Norton is Chair of Venable’s Government Division, which includes more than 150 lawyers and lobbyists in the regulatory, government contracts, legislative, and state and local government practice areas. He also co-chairs the firm’s Political Law Group and advises clients regarding federal and state campaign finance and other election laws, gifts to government officials, and lobbying registration and disclosure. His clients include large and small corporations and their PACs, nonprofit organizations, trade associations, Super PACs, ballot committees, and politically-active individuals.
Prior to joining Venable, he served as General Counsel for the Federal Election Commission, Associate Director in the Division of Enforcement at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and at the Federal Trade Commission as Assistant Director in the Bureau of Consumer Protection. Before joining the federal government, he served as a Maryland Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Litigation Division. He has been selected for inclusion by Chambers USA (Government: Political Law - Nationwide) and has been repeatedly recognized as a top election and ethics lawyer by Washingtonian Magazine and Super Lawyers.

Ronald Jacobs

Ronald Jacobs serves as co-chair of Venable’s Political Law Group. He advises clients on all aspects of state and federal political law, including campaign finance, lobbying disclosure, gift and ethics rules, pay-to-play laws, and tax implications of political activities. Mr. Jacobs assists clients with crises response to government investigations and enforcement actions, Congressional investigations, class-action law suits, and other high-profile problems that involve potentially damaging legal and public-relations matters. Along with Lawrence Norton, he co-edits the firm’s Political Law Briefing blog.

Mr. Jacobs understands the often-contradictory rules imposed by the different laws that apply to political activities. He offers practical advice that considers not only the legal requirements, but also the reputational risk, of political activity to a broad range of clients, including large and small companies, trade associations, charities, campaigns, Super PACs, ideological groups, individuals, and political vendors. He has developed political compliance programs for Fortune 500 companies and other clients that lobby and make political contributions nationwide.

In addition to counseling clients on political law matters, Mr. Jacobs has extensive experience in the administrative rulemaking process and in litigating challenges to agency decisions in federal court. He has represented clients in administrative matters before the Federal Election Commission, the Merit Systems Protection Board, the Federal Trade Commission, the United States Congress, and in federal court.

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