Thompson's Federal Contracting webinars break down the most complex and potentially inhibiting compliance law and labor requirements facing the government contracting industry. Our easy-to-understand explanations of requirements and strategies can equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to address Federal Acquisition Regulation, Cost Accounting Standards, important compliance issues, price analysis and much more.

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Includes 32+ live CPE accredited webinar and full access to our training archives to keep you fully informed on government contracting compliance for one low price

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01:00 PM ET
Getting the Most Out of 8(a): How to Qualify, Maximize Opportunities and Avoid Pitfalls › 1.5 CPE


01:00 PM ET
Budgeting Indirect Rates: Making Contracts More Compliant, Competitive and Profitable › 1.5 CPE


01:00 PM ET
Certified Payroll and Davis Bacon Series › 1.5 CPE
OnDemand Made in America? Country of Origin Requirements in Federal Government Contracts ›
OnDemand Cybersecurity for Government Contractors: 5 Keys to Prepare for Cyber Incidents in 2017 ›
OnDemand Demystifying DCAA Incurred Cost Submissions ›
OnDemand Navigating the Protest and Claims Processes as a Small Business ›
OnDemand Attributes of an Adequate Accounting System:
A Practical Webinar on How to Create and Use a Compliant System ›
OnDemand Working with the FAR: An Introduction to the Regulations That Govern Federal Procurement ›
OnDemand Mastering the Service Contract Act: A Two-Part Series on Compliance ›
OnDemand The Surprising Scope of the Export Administration Regulation: Compliance Strategies for US Goods, Technologies and Information ›
OnDemand Ready, Set, Grow! An Introduction to Compliance -And Success!-as a Government Contractor ›
OnDemand Developments in R&D Tax Credits for Government Contractors: What are You Leaving on the Table? ›
OnDemand Webinar Series: Certified Payroll and The Davis-Bacon Act ›
OnDemand Webinar Series: Certified Payroll and The Davis-Bacon Act ›
OnDemand Navigating Federal Government Contracts as a Women-Owned Government Contractor: How to Qualify, Find New business, and Avoid Common Mistakes ›
OnDemand Becoming a Women-Owned Government Contractor: How to qualify, find new business, and avoid common mistakes ›
OnDemand Complying with the Fair Pay and Safe Workspaces Executive Order: How to Avoid Being on the Federal "Blacklist" ›
OnDemand DOL Final Overtime Rule: Strategies for Compliance . . . and Survival ›
OnDemand 2016-Budgeting Indirect Rates: Making Contracts More Compliant, Competitive and Profitable ›
OnDemand Protecting Your Company's Most Valuable Assets: Intellectual Property Rights ›
OnDemand "Hello, My Name is ITAR" An Introduction to the International Traffic in Arms Regulation ›
OnDemand The Civil False Claims Act: What it is and Why It is Important ›
OnDemand Complying with the OFCCP: What Government Contractors Need to Know ›
OnDemand Negotiating Government Contracts: An Online Workshop for Primes, Subs & Government Agents ›
OnDemand Mastering the Pre-Award Accounting System Review ›
OnDemand Becoming a Premier Subcontractor ›
OnDemand Managing the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ›
OnDemand An Intro to Export Controls, Economic and Trade Sanctions: Understanding and Addressing Risks and Challenges. ›
OnDemand Proposed Regulations on Implementing the Sick Leave Executive Order: What do Government Contractors Need to Know? ›
OnDemand Strategies for Managing & Mitigating Risk in Government Contracts ›
OnDemand Updating Your Pay-to-Play and Gift Rules Compliance ›
OnDemand The FAR Ethics Mandates: Building Trust & Meeting Requirements ›
OnDemand Surviving the GSA Schedule Contractor Assessment: What They'll Test and How to Comply ›
OnDemand 2016-Navigating the Protest and Claims Processes as a Small Business ›
OnDemand When Opportunity Knocks: Understand Teaming, Subcontracting and Joint Ventures ›
OnDemand Organizational and Personal Conflicts of Interest: New and Pending Rules ›
OnDemand Managing Cost-Type Contracts How to recover costs, make a profit, and avoid enforcement actions ›
OnDemand Managing Past Performance Reviews
How to Ensure a Meaningful Evaluation ›
OnDemand Contract Closeout Best Practices ›
OnDemand GSA and VA Schedules:
How to Capitalize on Opportunities While Remaining Compliant ›
OnDemand Understanding the Davis-Bacon Act and
Prevailing Wage Law on Government Contracts ›
OnDemand Labor Rule Changes:
What Government Contractors Should Do To Prepare ›
OnDemand Service Contract Labor Standards:
Basics and Pricing Implications ›
OnDemand Certified Payroll and Prevailing Wage Reports:
A Practical Guide to Compliance ›
OnDemand 2016-Demystifying DCAA Incurred Cost Submissions ›